So I have always debated whether or not to get acrylic nails. I don’t know about you but I love having my nails done. Sometimes when I don’t have them painted I don’t feel like that I’m put together. I don’t think everyone has to always have their nails done, don’t get me wrong. I just know from my personal preference I feel like a human when they are done!

So I decided to recently give acrylic nails a try. When I tell you I have tried almost everything for my nails I’m not lying. I first just tried painting my own nails twice a week, but I got tired of the upkeep. I used to always have gel nails, but they would only last up to a week if I was lucky. I ended up stop getting gel because I was paying $15 fewer dollars than acrylic nails. So let me just tell ya that I’m literally in love with acrylic nails. My current day to day job does involve my using my hands here and there. Currently, I have gotten acrylic nails done four times now. The only downfall is the price is kinda ridiculous. I have gone to three different places to check out prices. From what I have researched the price range for acrylic nails is $35-$70. Believe me, when I saw $70 for getting your nails painted I almost passed out. Like who wants to pay that much money just to put some paint on your nails.


My research showed me that the cheaper the acrylic the less likely it will last. I have gotten $30 worth of acrylic and it ended up only lasting me a week (lasting means a nail either broke or it was already chipped). The most expensive I have paid so far is $50. It sounds insane but the nails ended up lasting me three weeks. Like I could bang my nails or hit them on objects and nothing would happen to them. In the picture above you will see the $50 nails that I recently got for the summer.

So are they worth it? In my eyes, I don’t think the money is that worth it if you are trying to save for other things. However, if you are the type of person that always gets the gel, you are ending up paying more for gel each month than you would for acrylic.

Let me know what kind of nails you prefer getting done at home or even at a nail salon. I would love to get your input to see if there are any other cheaper ways to have beautiful nails.

Xo JustDacey 💅🏻