How To Start The New Year Right

New Year, New Resolutions

how to get your life organized

How to Organize Your Daily Life

When a new year comes around so do all the resolutions! I am a huge advocate for starting your year off with resolutions. This year I have decided to do something a little different. Instead of just using a checklist; I am going to use Google Calendar, a weekly 2020 planner, and a sentence a day reflection.

I have many things that go on in my life so organization is key to remembering everything. I recently found the app Google Calendar and it’s extremely helpful in my daily life. It’s great because I have a Google Home that I can chat with lol. For the new year, I am going to set aside time for reading, blogging, my online business, mediation, exercise, and meal prepping. Google calendar is a great way to get an idea of my day to day activities. In the picture to the right, you can see what a typical week looks like for me. I like to block time out for specific things to ensure I get to them every day. It’s a great tool to keep yourself accountable even when you don’t want to be.

Essentials You Need

Google Calendar

Weekly 2020 Planner




Weekly Planner with Goals

Weekly planner with a to-do list column for each day. 

Monthly Planner

Monthly planner with little sections for other notes.

Weekly Planner With To-Do List

Weekly planner with time slots and a to-do list already on the side for each day.

Weekly 2020 Planner

When you start the new year everyone loves to grab themselves a 2020 planner. I always go with weekly planners instead of monthly. They allow me to plan out each day and write all my to-do lists. I have noticed if I write a to-do list for every day I end up getting more accomplished. It’s amazing how the mind works lol for me I am not the best at remembering things. 

Having a weekly planner isn’t something new for me. But for this new year, I want to ensure I use it daily to help keep my life organized. In my weekly planner, there are sections that allow me to put times next to it. This is great when I have appointments or plans. I also love the column-like days so I can write my daily to-do list from most important to least important. 

I like to add simple tasks as well. Good example every day I try to walk 10,000 steps. So I write down tiny goals for each day and check off the ones I hit. I love how I can write down daily goals and ensure overtime I make higher goals for myself. I am an extremely visual person so when I write down all my plans or appointments helps me remember them better. This is why I love the weekly planners and I highly recommend picking one up for yourself!

Remembering The Little Things

At the end of a year, I always love looking back at old photos to see what my year was like. This year I decided to take it one step further and buy a One Day A-Line notebook. This notebook allows you to track your daily thoughts or adventures with one sentence. I recently bought this book at Barns and Noble. Each day it gives you a little line to write a sentence about something memorable that happened that day. This is a great tool because not only can you reflect each year, but it has up to five years’ worth of lines. Meaning if you keep it up after five years you will have an entire book filled with memories you may have forgotten or even one you want to remember. 

Cheers to an amazing year to come!



May 2020 be the year that you receive everything you have been patiently waiting for.