Empowering Myself

one book at a time



Self Empowering Books

  • First, all you need is a book
  • Secondly, confidence, joy, and manifesting
  • Thirdly, The Power
  • Fourth, 1000 + Little Things
  • Fifth, spark new ideas



No matter where you are in your life either extremely happy or struggling with personal life issues; a simple book can always help. For myself, I have never been one who is obsessed with self-care, let alone self-help books. But recently this past year life has taken a turn. I ended up leaving my beloved city for a home I have lived in my whole life. When the pandemic struck it not only impacted one life, it impacted all of us. With a whole new life ahead of me I have been trying to rebuild that confidence I once had before in a beautiful city I called home. So what better way to build confidence than to curl up on a couch with a good book. 

Confidence, Joy, Manifesting

Now you are probably wondering which books I recently have read for this whole self-love/help journey of mine. Well, the first one is The Power by Rhonda Byrne and 1000 + Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently by Marc & Angel Chernoff. These two books are not only inspiring but completely different which is the exact reason why I picked them together. 

“Whenever you permit yourself to think what persons, things, conditions, or circumstances may suggest, you are not folloing what you want to think. You are not following your own desires but borrowed desires. Use your imagination in determining what you want to think or do.”

– Christian D Larson 

New Thought Author


The Power

The Power by Rhonda Byrne is probably one of my top favorite self-help books so far. I didn’t really understand the full meaning behind the book until I started reading it. This book focuses on the mind, soul, and body. It’s the perfect combo to help you in every part of your life. 

I do have to say I flew through this novel faster than I thought. I love how it teaches you to have a positive mindset no matter what is going on in your life. It shows you how to put not only your body first but also your mind. Because at the end of the day if you don’t believe it in your head, your body won’t believe it either. One thing Byrne includes in the chapters is a different part of your lifestyle. A good example of one chapter that spoke to me was the positive mindset about money. For a young girl in her 20’s, I am someone who is saving every last penny. It talked about how it doesn’t matter how much you have in your life if you look at money in a negative aspect, it will always be negative. Now that is just one good example of how Bryne shows you how to change your mindset.

If you are looking for that one book that is out of your own comfort zone that teaches you things about your mind in different ways. This is the book for you. Even if you are on the unsure about this book, believe me, it is a game-changer and will change the way you look at life!

1000 + Little Things:

Happy Successful People Do Differently 


1000 + Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently by Marc Chernoff, Angel Chernoff is a must-read book. This book puts all of your relationships from a different perspective. Now this book is a little different than most. For starters, each chapter is numbered or bullet points on either “12 Stressful Things to Stop Tolerating” that shows you different aspects of your life. It simply is stating the straight to the point sentences which are sometimes what everyone needs to hear. Just think of a book that gives it to you straight forward, this is that book.  

I didn’t really understand or realize little impacts in my life that are caused by others or myself. This book showed me how relationships can either plummet your life or help its success. Because at the end of the day the people you surround yourself with reflect you personally. Just like if you surround yourself with others who diminish other’s happiness or cause drama, you are just the same. Just like if you are around others who are positive, goal-driven, or success that’s who you are most like. It may sound harsh but just look at your life from another relationship. This book showed me that relationships do matter. No matter if it’s a family member, friendship, or romantic relationship if the person or situation doesn’t bring you joy then it probably is a smart idea to evaluate the relationship to see if it’s good for you personally. 


“We want you to know that life is not easy. Every day is an upredictable challenge. Some days it can be difficult simply to get out of bed in the morning. To face reality and put on that smile. But we want you to know, your smile has kept us going on more days than we can count. Never forget that, even through the toughest times, you are incredible. You really are.” 

-Marc & Angel Chernoff

Spark New Ideas

After reading both of these books has really given me new ideas on how to improve my life. I have learned that negativity is a choice that can be turned into positivity. I have learned no matter what relationships you have if it doesn’t bring you joy it’s not worth your happiness. No matter what is going on in your life I truly believe you can never put enough energy into bettering yourself. I know from experience that self-love is one of the most important things in anyone’s life. 


xoxo, Jessie