10 Essentials For The Best Winter Closet Yet

Your Way To A Cozy Winter 

It’s finally cold outside, so you know what that means! It’s time for cute winter outfits. In the winter, I believe there are essential pieces everyone needs to keep warm and cozy. To start: every woman needs a warm white sweater that can go with any look or occasion. Something to add to any outfit is a casual button-down flannel. To add warmth to your outfit you can add a neutral color cardigan that will work with any color top. Then of course you need a pair of your durable blue jeans and comfy joggers. To ensure you are warm, go find yourself a cute pair of gloves and hat. To top it all off, pair any of these outfits with either a vest, fuzzy coat, or heel boots for a cute finished look. 

Below I have added all the essential pieces for your winter wardrobe that will add comfort and warmth to this cold weather! 

Essential Pieces


White Sweater


Denim Jeans

Turtle Neck


Ankle Boots

Plaid Button Down

Fuzzy Coat

Hat & Gloves

Casual Neutral Cardigan 

An open cardigan is the best way to stay comfortable and classy. You can layer it with a casual button-up top, a statement piece sweater, or even an extremely warm turtle neck sweater. 


Having a puffy neutral color vest is the perfect way to add style and warmth to a wardrobe. On a warmer day in the winter, it’s great to wear your warm sweater and throw on a vest to add a pop of color or even just to keep you a little warm. 

White Sweater

A white sweater is perfect for any winter outfit. A white sweater can be paired with jeans and a warm jacket or even dress it up with a cute skirt and boots. 

Hat & Gloves

No matter what outfit you wear in the winter, it’s extremely important to stay warm. No matter what color or style, fuzzy socks are a great way to stay warm and cozy in the winter weather.

Plaid Button Up

Plaid is the ultimate cozy shirt for the wintertime. To even make it cozier is to pair it with your favorite black leggings and comfortable socks. You can even dress it up with a pair of jeans and boot heels.

Cozy Turtle Neck Sweater

Turtlenecks are the easiest was to add warmth to your wardrobe.


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Antle Booties

Boots are essential when it comes to dressing up any outfit. In the winter it’s a great way to keep yourself warm but also to add spice to any outfit. 

Classic Demium Jeans

Having a pair of classic demium jeans is important for any outfit in the winter. Jeans will keep you warm but also will look great with any outfit you pair them with.

Fuzzy Coat

Just the name of this coat makes you want to bundle up in it. Fuzzy coats are great for cold weather and adding a cute jacket to any outfit. 

Let’s Get Cozy 

xoxo, Jessie