An original bag company by Alice Saunders


Stylish and Unique

Hand Made

A little back story as to how I found this amazingly unique company. I was in Boston for a weekend with my cousin a couple of years ago. We were just visiting a friend when we decided to explore the city. We ended up stumbling across a cute little shop in Back Bay that happened to have these handmade bags. I decided to get one because of how unique and different quality it was. 

Long story short, the bag is the brand Forestbound. I fell in love with not only the bag but the woman behind the bag. She takes old United States military fabrics from all over and turns them into beautiful bags. What is even more unique is that no bag is the same! This is my favorite part because no matter what bag you own, no one will have the same exact one as you. 

When you own a unique piece like this, it not only tells the story of the creator but shows your personality as well. I have always been a girly girl, but I am in love with the army style as well. In any type of outfit, it adds a statement. Even just wearing them with a plain t-shirt and jeans can still make such a cute outfit. Out of everything I have ever bought, these bags are a great investment that I will never regret buying.

About The Company

Just a little about the company. It all started with Alice Saunders in 2007. Every single item she creates is made by hand with pieces from history. She finds different types of historical materials to incorporate into all her bags. What I find amazing about her is how she goes to different flea markets and estate sales to find all these different types of materials to work with!

For more information about the company go to FORESTBOUND.