As I have told you before I am currently on an obsession with subscription boxes. My favorite subscription is Stitch Fix. On my Instagram, you can even see some images of me wearing Stitch Fix clothing. I have been receiving clothing from them since last year. Since I am a monthly subscriber I wanted to show you what I got in this last box. The process to join is pretty easy.

To start, you take a questionnaire about your clothing style, what you hate, what you love, and what your body type is. From this quiz, a stylist takes it to pick out specific clothing pieces based on your style and body type. The stylist will send you 5 pieces of either jewelry, shoes, or clothes. You can either keep all 5 items or none at all. Every box cost $20 for the styling fee. However, the $20 gets deducted from your stitch fix purchase. If you buy all 5 items you get a discount depending on the price range.

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My most recent box I only ended up keeping two items.

IMG_2587 2.png

This first item was a Jayne Knit Crop Top. The only reason I didn’t purchase the shirt was due to the size. I typically don’t wear crop tops so I didn’t see the point in buying something I wasn’t going to wear.


The second item was an Adalia Knit Jumpsuit is designed by Kaileigh. I currently have an obsession with jumpsuits so keeping this outfit was an easy yes in my book. The jumpsuit is so soft and stretchy. This jumpsuit can be worn either for a casual day in the summer or even a fancy night on the town with heels and jewelry to spruce it up.

IMG_2589 2.png

 These Gypset Hoops are literally my favorite earrings I have received from Stitch Fix so far. These Gorjana earrings are thoughtfully designed by the company’s live love layer style. I love how every piece of jewelry in the company has an inspiring meaning behind the gemstone. I usually wouldn’t buy earrings at this cost, but I was so in love with them I had to keep them.


This next piece is a black pair of Azzura Frayed Hem shorts designed by Vigoss. These fit me extremely well, but I wasn’t a big fan of the studs going down the sides of the shorts. I also decided if I don’t love them 100% then they are not worth getting.


This next piece is an Emden Off The Shoulder Blouse by Skies are Blue. I am not a big fan of off the shoulder blouses due to having a bigger chest. I have never been a fan of strapless bras so I don’t own any type of shirt like this. It also was a bit too big on me, but Stitch Fix is always great at giving you new sizes to exchange.

Overall, all the pieces added up equal a total of $267.00. However, Stitch Fix deducts the $20 stylist fee. If I were to buy all five items there would have been 25% the whole purchase, which equals out to $200.25. But I didn’t end up purchasing this whole box due to not liking some of the pieces given to me. I definitely recommend giving it a shot cause it can’t hurt. Below I will attach a discount so your first box is free. I hope you enjoyed my input! xoxo

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