Moving In/Out


Moving can be extremely stressful. Not only are you moving out of an old place, but you are settling into a new one. I have put together a checklist to ensure everything gets done. 


Finding a New Place


signing a new lease


move-in date


Sit back and relax

  • Inform your current landlord your intention to not renew/sign your lease
  • Cancel renter’s insurance at the end of your current lease
  • Cancel all utility/cable bills before moving out date
  • Send back cable equipment to the company through mail or you will be charged 
  • Count all the furniture you will be keeping and selling
  • Buy boxes, tape, scissors, and bubble wrap (dish wrap if you need it)
  • PACK PACK PACK (vacuum bags are really great to store clothing and bulky bedding items and also be sure to empty out your dresser before movers take it!)

Moving Out

Planing 2-4 weeks before your moving out date

  • Schedule movers (if you live in an apartment, be sure to check with your apartment what their moving hours are!)
  • Get cash out to tip movers on the move out date (I like to pay $20 per person but that’s just me)
  • Give your old place a basic cleaning (so you’re aren’t charged for a cleaning bill)
  • Check with your landlord if you are required to spackle any holes left in the walls (if you are, most pharmacies carry it or if not make a home depot run)
  • Key Tip: the nicer you leave your place, the more likely you’ll receive your full security deposit back so don’t leave it trashed 


  • Pay 1st month’s rent (sometimes this also includes last month’s rent, a security deposit, and/or amenity fee so check with your landlord)
  • Set up new renter’s insurance if required
  • Set up new utilities: cable, electric, gas (you are going to have to schedule a time for the cable company to come and install the wifi and cable box)
  • Inspect your new place and write down on an evaluation sheet any flaws, marks issues with your new apartment/house (this will help you receive your security deposit at the end of your lease)
  • Clean your new place from top to bottom before moving in (I don’t know about you but I never trust the place being clean when I move in lol)
  • If your in an apartment, schedule freight elevator for the movers on move-in day

Moving In

Planning 1 week (Realistically it will take 2 days)


  • If your in an apartment, schedule freight elevator for the movers on move-in day
  • Figure out where you want your furniture so the movers can place your furniture ahead of time (it would be a pain to have to move the furniture all over again)
  • Make sure to pay movers after they have finished the job
  • Completely unpack all your boxes and start to arrange everything in their place (believe me when I say you don’t wanna have boxes in your place two months later)
  • Start to arrange all your furniture and hang decorations the way you like
  • The finally sit back and relax because you have officially moved into your new apartment or house



Moving doesn’t always seem stressful until you are moving. For myself, I have moved to many places and to different house or apartments. After all the times I have moved I believe it’s best to have everything arranged before you even move out. Because at the end of the day you don’t want to stress yourself a day before the movers are coming. So if you are moving at some point don’t hesitate to take a look at this checklist and make it into your own!





“Stop being so reasonable. Take f**king risks. Move to a new city. Switch careers. Get a regrettable tattoo. Just don’t cut your own bangs.”

– anonymous