Be good to your skin



I have tried many different products over the years. My skin is extremely sensitive and dry so I never know what a product will do until I try it. Sometimes products would give me a rash, acne, or rubbery skin. Due to going through multiple different products, I have found that grocery store brands definitely don’t work on my skin. Sadly, some of the well know products just give me a rash. But after trial and error, I have found a couple of products that have been working for me.

For the last year, I have being using Tula, Purifying Face Cleanser. Let me start off by saying it does wonders. Yeah, at first I was like it’s $28 a bottle, so is it worth it? Well in my mind, it’s great for my skin and it even takes off all my makeup! The product is like a gel texture that is vegan. I highly suggest this cleanser if you have extremely sensitive skin or are just looking for a new cleanser to purchase.

What I was most excited about was my newest sample: Lancome, Youth Activating Concentrate. At first I was extremely hesitant so I only got a sample size to try the product. I have been using the sample for about two months now and it works great. I haven’t had any allergic reactions (which is always a plus lol). But I have noticed all you need is four drops for your entire face. The one issue with this product is the price. To get a better understanding, it starts at $50 for only 1oz and goes up to $178 for a 3.4 oz bottle. I spend money on my skincare products, but once it’s over $50, I always look for a better solution. I know I love this product, but once the sample size is out, I will probably start looking for a new product. 

Then for the final step, I use Lancome, Benefit Multi-vital Night Cream. I do have to say that I am in love with this product! I use it every single night on my face and neck. The best part about the light weight cream is you don’t have to use much of the product. The product makes my skin feel extremely smooth and hydrated. For someone with dry skin, I highly recommend this. But there is a down side, it costs $54 for 1.7 oz of lotion. The only reason I tried this product was because it was a gift. I do have to say, I have been using it for a month and still have more than half a bottle left. So once it runs out, I will probably purchase it again!

So what is your nightly routine like?




But first, skin care.