As the new year approaches us it’s always nice to reflect the past year. I love looking back now to see what I have accomplished, the lessons I have learned, and all the new happy memories I have made.

My Greatest Accomplishment

Let me just tell you this one is probably the best thing that happened to me in 2018. Looking for a job wasn’t always the easiest thing; especially if you are looking in a completely different state that’s 4 hours away from home. I just had this little dream about living in Washington D.C. I had the ups and downs of getting my hopes up and then getting let down. But at the end of the day, I believe everything happens for a reason. I accepted a job in late September and ended moving to DC three weeks later. It was something I wanted was striving for many months to achieve. Once I accepted the job everything happened so fast. To be honest it is kind of a blur when I look back at those three weeks. I was now starting a new job, living in a new state, and living in a new apartment with someone I didn’t know. Getting up to leave my childhood home wasn’t the easiest. However, it was one of the best decisions I have made not only this year but so far in my life.

My Greatest Lesson

Throughout 2018, I was learning how to adapt to adult life while still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to be. While looking for a new job I was learning I needed something new or nothing would ever change. Change is always a good thing. Of course, I learned at first it may be a struggle “adult-ing”, but sometimes it has to be hard for you to learn who you really are.

What I Want To Do Differently in the New Year

New Year new me right? For starters, I have to say this year has taught me a lot about adult life. Before being in the real world I only ever worked a part-time job in the summers and going to school. I only owned a debit card that had every penny I worked for on it. Once I stepped in the real world it didn’t hit me until the end of the year that finances are extremely important. Let me tell you its not like I didn’t know money wasn’t important I just never had to pay for bills before. To say the least, I didn’t realize how many bills I had or where even to begin to save. With no help from anyone, it was a struggle to learn how to juggle student loans, a car payment, and apartment rent. I do have to say for someone who is paying for everything on her own. I am one proud young adult who may be learning but is doing it on my own.

Starting off the new year is as important as starting every new day. Look back to see what you have accomplished, learned from, or even the memories you have made. Going over your past year can help you achieve all your goals in the new year. So let’s start the new year right!

Happy New Year