Note to self:

falling in love with yourself is the first step to happiness


Self-love is one of the hardest things to accomplish in this world, but it really should be the easiest. I am one of those people who had to truly be alone to discover what self-love was.

There are so many things in your daily life that can bring you happiness. Self-love is the biggest of those things! You learn to love yourself by choosing yourself every day, even when others don’t. In the moment it will be difficult, but you will learn who you are as an individual. 

Be vulnerable enough to accept all your flaws and understand that they are what make you human. You have to be confident enough in your life to accept your strengths and flourish from them. Don’t ever minimize or hide who you are to please others in your life. Be bold and explore them – not only to bring yourself happiness, but to foster success in your life. All those flaws and strengths you have are gifts to this world.



I have made many mistakes that have ruined or changed aspects of my life. But I am doing the best with what I got and so should you. Don’t ever take the struggles of life and let them take you over. Embrace them as a super strength to show not only others but yourself nothing can tear you down. 

In life, there are times when you have to choose yourself over the ones you love the most. Sometimes this means not going to every event and staying home instead (if that is what is right for you in the moment).

Self-love is self-care. 

Self-love also doesn’t mean you stop caring about what others think of you (we all do this), but it does mean learning to care about what you think of yourself first. It’s making your opinion of yourself more important than anyone else’s!

Life is an extremely happy, stressful, sad, and vulnerable thing, but the way to truly find pure happiness in life is to find it in yourself. 

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

Rupi Kaur