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  • I have had an obsession with Stitch Fix for a couple of years now. I have slowly collected multiple pieces that have not only become staples in my wardrobe, but also some of my favorite pieces of clothing. The one thing that I love so much about Stitch Fix is how different their pieces are. I have noticed some of their clothing can only be purchased through them, while others you can find on the clothing brands’ websites. Not only do I love receiving the clothes in the mail, but I also don’t know what I will be getting.


When receiving a stitch fix box in the mail, you get a pick of five different items. They can be pants, tops, jewelry, jackets, or shoes. You get two days to try them all on before either returning them or buying them. The best part is you don’t know what you are getting until it arrives at your door.


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Navy Jean Jacket

Marker & spuce

This navy denim jean jacket is one of my favorite pieces from Stitch Fix. It’s a great staple piece for any woman’s wardrobe and it can be worn in multiple different seasons. 

Leather Jacket

marc new york

I have had this leather jacket for over two years now. This piece goes with almost every outfit. It was a little pricey when I bought it, but it has been worth the purchase.

Tan Trench Coat

stitch fix

I believe every woman needs a good trench coat in her wardrobe. It’s a staple piece and has lasted me over a year. Nothing is better than a cute raincoat.

long sleeve sweater

Stitch fix

This cute gray and the mustard color sweater is perfect for all those cold days. This is a perfect sweater for the holidays and even for a casual Sunday.

Off The Shoulder Shirt

stitch fix

I am no joke obsessed with this shirt. It’s a cute black off the shoulder shirt. It’s perfect for any type of going out event. I love pairing this top with skirts, pants, and even shorts. It can be worn at any time of the year and is extremely flattering. 

cheetah long sleeve shirt

rebecca Minkoff

This cheetah print is a lighter color that isn’t too bold for any woman to wear. The sleeves are puffy at the bottom to add a little flavor to the shirt. It’s perfect for a girl’s night out.

boot heels

Stitch fix

These black boot heels are perfect for any outfit. My favorite thing is that not only are they cute, but the heels aren’t high. They are easy to walk in and comfortable. 

Gold Hoops


These gold hoop earrings are different than any others that I own. I love how they have peach, pink, and gold beads on them to add a little extra sparkle. They go with many outfits and are extremely lightweight. 

suede boot heels 

stitch fix

These suede nude boot heels are extremely comfortable. The heel isn’t high, which is great because they are easy to walk in. They are perfect with any outfit and any season. 

black jumpsuit


This is a black jumpsuit with nude poke a dots. It has a little band that ties in the front. It’s extremely lightweight and mainly silk. I would only wear this in the warm weather and springtime. 

silk white top


This white silk lace top is perfect for any wardrobe. This is a very lightweight top perfect for the summer. It has lace around the neckline and shoulder lines. This adds a little extra touch to the shirt. 

floral jumpsuit


This is a floral black jumpsuit made of silk. It’s extremely lightweight and perfect for the summer. Around the waist, it has an elastic band that adds a touch of dimension to the jumpsuit. 

unwrapping stitch fix 

xoxo, Jessie