Do you ever try on so many different types of outfits and at the end of all the trouble you put back on the first outfit you were wearing. Yep, this happens to me almost everytime I’m trying to go out for a night or even just during the day. In my last post, I shared my view on the fashion clothing subscription, Stitch Fix. Let me just tell you that they have saved me the trouble of going through my clothes before an event. I have recently become obsessed with jumpsuits cause what girl wouldn’t wanna wear a cute outfit that takes 1 minute to put on. Before Stitch Fix, I didn’t even bother trying on jumpsuits because of my curves. I always figured why to bother if they wouldn’t fit my body type. Stitch Fix proved me wrong in that department. You can see in my latest Instagram post me wearing Adalia Knit Jumpsuit by Kaileigh.

What I have learned from taking a chance with Stitch Fix is that no matter your body type or size, they will make you look good in any piece of clothing. So go out and try something new cause you never know what can come out of it. Believe me, when I say trying new things can help you in different parts of your life.

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xo JustDacey 🌻