Everything Fall

Sweater weather is now in session.

It’s that time of the year where every girl starts bringing out their sweaters, taking pictures with pumpkins, and drinking anything pumpkin flavor. Well, let me tell you I am one of those girls!



I always say when it comes to your own personal fashion, always bring out your personality. Now that fall is in the air, it’s time to bring out your go-to fall looks. For me, that’s sweaters on top of sweaters lol. Fall season is known for sweater weather! It’s the time of year where our color pallets are supposed to change toward darker/warmer neutrals. I have always been the girl that wears every bright color as much as possible. So when fall comes around, I usually have trouble leaning towards the fall color pallet. This fall I decided I will keep some of my colors, but try and mix in the warmer neutrals. For starters, I am obsessed with the color white. It looks great with my fair skin and makes my red hair pop. I am not a fan of the color mustard, only because it reminds me of mustard! Lol, but seriously, I love it when other girls give mustard sweaters a try because they always turn out to be fabulous. 

Not only do warm neutral colors go great with fall, they pretty much look great on any woman. Just think, sweater weather is in season till April! So enjoy taking pictures with pumpkins, eating pumpkin pie, and drinking those pumpkin spice lattes!

“sweater weather is my favorite weather.”