For starters, everyone in this world always wants to try something new. But sometimes it doesn’t always work in recent people’s lives. For myself, I believe if you really want something you have to put the hard work and effort in the achieve that goal. For instance, I have always been dying to move down to the DC area. Yes, it sounds so expensive and insane at such a young age, but its kinda perfect timing. Just think about this I am a young girl who has not a single tie to either a family member, relationship, or kid. So why not get up and move! So that’s exactly what I did. Let me start by saying it wasn’t easy getting down to DC, but it was totally worth it!

I know everyone always says if you don’t like something in your life change it or just move. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is. For me, it took me almost a year to finally find the job that suits me and to have the courage to get up and move. So if you want to change something in your life don’t expect it to just happen overnight cause that is just unrealistic.

I struggled for about five months just trying to get a job. I either didn’t have enough experience or it was because I didn’t live in the area. So coming from someone who literally wanted to give up. If you really want something give it all you got.

It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life today. So just get up and do it cause if you don’t ever try something then how will you know if you hate it or absolutely love it.