Let me start off by saying that I believe if you don’t like the way you are living, then you must change it. I was in a job right out of college that I dreaded going to every day. I tried so many different times to apply to job after job, but nothing was coming my way. It wasn’t until I realized that maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. Like was a really applying for jobs I liked or was I just applying to any entry-level job that was somewhat up my alley. If you are a college grad you will completely understand the desperation of getting a job right out of college. It’s hard and to be honest no one really told me how difficult it was gonna be. Yea parents, relatives, friends, and teachers warned us about the real world. But that was just only getting our feet wet. Right after graduation, they push you right into the water to see if you can swim. Believe me when I say that staying afloat sounds a lot easier than it is.

So don’t get down on yourself if you haven’t found a job or even your dream job. Us young kids put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect right after college. When all we should be doing is succeeding and failing to learn more about the person we are. It won’t be easy, believe me on that. But just remember that sometimes you just gonna dive into the water and get your hair wet.