• Fake/Real Christmas tree
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Christmas tree skirt
  • Christmas lights inside or outside
  • Holiday Christmas candles
  • Holiday mugs
  • Holiday blanket
  • Some kind of holiday plant
  • Holiday table setting
  • Kitchen washcloths


Statement Pieces

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year! So why not go big! When it comes to decorating your house, apartment, or place, there are must-have items that can turn your home into holiday cheer.

To start off, everyone needs a Christmas tree! I don’t care if it’s small, white, green, red, fat, tall, fake, or real…a tree is a must-have. You can have all the decorations in the world and a Christmas tree will put your home in the holiday spirit.

What many people think is they have to go out and buy crazy amounts of decorations when you really only need a couple of statement pieces in your home. All you need is a tree, wreath, candles, table setting, and kitchen nick-nacks.

Shown below are great examples of how to transform a simple home into a Christmas spirit.


No matter what types of colors or decorations you have up, lights are a must-have. I don’t care if you throw them just around your tree or outside. But you gotta light the way to get the Christmas cheer!

One thing that I love doing is adding lights to garland to add a little sparkle. You can even take clippings from the bottom of your tree and wrap lights around them. This can be on a table, mantel, or even outside in a plant. It adds a sense of the Christmas tree element. 


The holiday season not only is about the decorations but about joy and happiness. The most special part of the holiday spirit is to enjoy your home decorations with the ones you love. So whip up your best dessert and holiday cocktail drink for an unforgettable night. 




Happy Holidays!