So recently I decided to purchase another Stich Fix box. Cause why not right! For this specific box, I asked for jumpsuits and rompers. I don’t know about anyone else, but I live in jumpsuits and rompers. For me, if it feels like soft pajamas I am all in. There is this one brand I have lucked out with from Stitch Fix called, Kaileigh. I have looked literally everywhere to find this brand, but sadly they are only partnered with Stitch Fix. So whenever I am in the mood for a new jumpsuit or romper I order another box.

I specifically asked for jumpsuits and rompers in this box. Below are pictures of the pieces I received in the box. Out of all of them I only ended up buying the Kaileigh Oliva Cropped Knit Jumpsuit and the DV8 Paz textile knotted slide sandals.


DV8 is a great brand for everyday shoes. These are extremely comfortable shoes that can dress up an outfit or dress it down.


When I say this jumpsuit feels like I’m wearing pajamas I am not joking. This jumpsuit is such a good outfit for going out and even just a regular summer day.  If I could wear this everyday I would!


This shirt looked so pretty online, but not so great in person. Saldy it was extremely tight around my chest area and didn’t flatter my curvy figure. I wouldn’t recommend this top if you have a bigger chest.


The material on this romper was amazing! It was more spandex like than cotten. It fit true to size and was extremely flattering on a curvy figure. This is such a cute romper for the summer and a night out with the girls!


I am literally obsessed with this romper, but it was way too revealing in the chest area. I debating about buying it multiple times, but I ended up returning it. If there was a button or a tiny clip in the chest area it would be perfect!

So if you keep debating about getting that Stitch Fix box just sign up. I do have to say I am obsessed with subscriptions, but I think they are so worth it. With Stitch Fix, you get your own personal stylist and if they don’t work out you can request a new one. If anything isn’t true to size, they will send you a new one. I think sometimes things are trial and error and Stitch Fix is definitely one of those.

xo Jessie